Stylewish for Brands

Let's go native

Market your brand in native social media landscapes.
We work with Blogs, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube.

The power of native

Native content is king

Recommendations and native content tend to generate a lot more sales and trust for brands comparatively to traditional web marketing. Customers feels safe when popular influencers recommend products to their followers.

What we do

We connect brands with influencers

For brands it is very easy to buy sponsored content in social media, generate sales and create awareness of your brand.

How we do it

CPC, CPO, PR, events, sponsored content

We generate around 10 000 clicks to brands every day. We also sell PR in the form of event attending, trying out products and write about them in social media channels.


Why you should work with Stylewish

Today we have 3000 influencers connected to Stylewish. We have serval top influencers connected. Also a lot of Instagram and Youtube accounts.

Native Blog

Our main focus is to create sucessfull relations between bloggers and webshops.

Every day we deliver around 10 000 clicks to online stores.


With our new service Stylewish for Instagram. Brands can easily buy native Instagram posts.

For Shops

Connect your product feed and enable your brand to be linkable for influencers. We also use the feed in these sections (optional):


Choose your budget like Facebook or Google advertising.

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