Stylewish for Influencers

Stylewish is a only available for Sweden, Norway and Finland for now. In short we pay commission when your followers buy products from the stores you link to.

To get maximum profit we recommend you to link to stores that matches your followers.

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Stylewish for Influencers

Stylewish is a service for influencers and brands to easily find each other. We work with blogs, Youtube and Instagram. As an influencer you can easily create links to webshops for your blog and earn money.

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Create Mood Boards

Express your creativity by creating mood boards with your favorite products.

Influencer Reviews

I love to recommend good products and create collages for my readers, but with Stylewish I love it even more. This is a way for everyone to earn money in a fun and easy way.
No matter if you have a thousand or just a few readers on your blog Stylewish is always the best tool to make fun and easy money!
Stylewish is an easy way for me as a blogger to make money. I simply create links to my favorite-products online and make money everytime my followers click my links. My favorite thing about Stylewish is that the campains varies. That makes it possible for me to focus on creating links to the websites that offer the highest comissions at the moment. I think my followers enjoy the diversity as well.

How Stylewish Works

Find a productStep 1

Select a store from our campaigns and find a product you like.

Create linkStep 2

Go to create link in Stylewish and paste the product link.

Use link in blogStep 3

Use the Stylewish link in your blog/Youtube and earn money.


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